Our Mission

Write Choice Consulting Firm mission is to provide non-profit and for-profit organizations with access to the health and wealth they deserve. We specialize in organizational & grant writing development, executive & professional training, contract negotiation and market research.


Our Vision

Write Choice Consulting Firm vision is to aid in strengthening the health and wealth of companies and organizations through innovation, expertise and passion. With the ultimate goal of uniting and linking our businesses to create sustainable and stabilized communities for our current and future missions.

Grant Development

Are you looking to sustain programming and services via grant funding? Want to start a new program, but don't have the funding to support it? Not sure what grants are right for your organization? Don't know how to write a grant proposal? Need financial assistance that will take your organization to the next level?

Organizational & Business Development

Want to create or adjust your organizational climate? Want assistance in developing an organizational development plan? Wondering how to successfully manage your organizational performance?

Contract Negotiation

How do I negotiate my business terms? When do I say yes? Need to know how to identify if the offer is right for your business? Need someone who has experience with successfully securing contracts and proposals? Need a second opinion?

Professional Training

Want to learn how to write a successful grant proposal? Need culture and diversity Training? Are you a new leader or executive and need leadership training? Are you a small business but need help with learning accounting basics? Are you a nonprofit and need direction on how to successfully create fundraising campaign?


Need to develop a marketing plan? Need assistance with identifying your target market? Struggling with marketing objectives? Not sure how to develop your market strategy? Need help with identifying your supporters? Not sure how to gain an online presence? Why is social media so important?

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