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Write Choice Consulting Firm

At Write Choice Consulting Firm we strive to work with organizations to achieve their transformation and transitional goals, identify and organize their tools for success, and design an operational model to effectively implement the chosen strategy.


1134 Powerline Rd

Pompano Beach FL 33069


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Meet The Team

Telena Paris

Telena Paris, CEO/Founder is skilled in leading teams to focus on the strategic future of the business, policies/proj-
ects while focusing on the growth of revenue.

Robert Dietrich

National / International Recruiter
Sales - Client Success, Business
Development, Consultant, Motivator

Vanessa McBee

Executive Business Consultant & Loan Preparation, Strategic Consultation, COVID-19 Loan Assistance

Nanette Saylor

Grant development and Writing
Makreting/PR and Sales

Management, Professional Development

Write Choice Consulting Firm is accustomed to professionalism, diligence, and stellar excellence. We are a team of experts that regularly perform in synergy, often executing team-based multi-tiered services for our clientele. We host all client-based communications within a central database system for congruency and adhere to the central timeline for fluid interpersonal project management.

Latanya Hughes

Executive Business Strategist
Executive Coach, Leadership
Specialist, Program Manager

Karla Miranda

Business Development
Lead Development, Sales
Strategist, Communications,
Client Relations

Gilberto Gomez

Executive Business Strategist,
Budgeting, Operations
Management, Quality Control

Thomasina Brown

Business Development Specialist
Customer Service Specialist
Account Management

David Reece

Business Developement
Consultant, sales, marketing,
Training and Development

Joe Scerbo

Project Engineering, Marketing,
Real Estate Developer, Industrial
Manufacturing Companies

Rashida Gordon

Grant Writing Consultant, Re-
cruiting, Community Outreach,

Employee Relations, Leadership

Jean Hermann Colas

Proficient in the area of business
development, strategic planning, team building and project management.

Muhammad Siddiqi

Executive Business Strategist
Program Manager, Marketing &
Sales Manager