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This course will teach you how benchmarking is used to improve performance, set quality objectives, and identify and adapt to best processes. Most of us routinely use benchmarking to measure, match, compare, and evaluate all to establish a standard of what we believe is best. However, the critical elements of our customers' expectations and requirements are often missing. This course adds those elements into the process, and demonstrates six other types of benchmarking, while helping you decide which method will suit your needs.

Course Core Competencies:

Benchmarking: What About it?

Topic A: What Is Benchmarking?

Topic B: Define Your Benchmarking Objectives

Why Benchmarking?

Topic A: What Are the Benefits to Benchmarking?

Types of Benchmarking

Topic A: Six Types of Benchmarking

Topic B: Deciding What Kind Is Best for You

Topic C: Going It Alone or Using a Consultant

Topic D: Benchmarking for Individuals

Topic E: Benchmarking for Service Organizations

Ready, Set, Go!

Topic A: Before You Start to Benchmark

Topic B: Learning to Benchmark: The PDCA Cycle

Topic C: Solutions to Common Benchmarking Mistakes

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