Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette


Business Etiquette

Course Number: WCCF-O 2002

Duration: One day

Price: $399.00

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This course teaches students about the fundamentals of business etiquette. Students learn how to build relationships, create a professional appearance, develop positive relationships with co-workers, and practice cubicle and office etiquette. In addition, the course teaches students the appropriate behavior and etiquette when using the Internet, in daily communications, and in meetings. Students also learn how to handle ethical dilemmas and personal issues, become a good conversationalist, and be courteous when communicating. Students also examine the appropriate etiquette for business meals and functions, as well as how to be a courteous traveler at home or abroad.

Course Core Competencies:

Office protocol

Topic A: Office etiquette

Topic B: Cubicle and office etiquette

Topic C: Office relationships

Professional conduct

Topic A: Appropriate use of the Internet

Topic B: Ethical dilemmas

Topic C: Personal issues in the workplace

Communicating in the workplace

Topic A: Introductions

Topic B: Conversations

Topic C: Etiquette in meetings

Etiquette in communication

Topic A: Telephone courtesy

Topic B: E-mail etiquette

Topic C: Writing guidelines

Business functions

Topic A: Attending business functions

Topic B: Business dining

Traveling for business

Topic A: The courteous traveler

Topic B: International travel

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