Cross Culture Communication

Cross Culture Communication

Executive & Leadership Training

Cross Culture Communication

Course Number: WCCF-EL 0002

Duration: One day

Price: $399.00

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This course teaches professionals the basics of cross-cultural business communication. Professionals will learn about how cultural differences affect speech, nonverbal and written communication. Professionals will learn how to identify cross-cultural barriers, work with interpreters and translators, organize and participate in cross-cultural meetings, and handle negotiations and problem solving in cross-cultural meetings. Professionals will also learn about building relationships as well as teams across cultures. This instructor's edition is designed for quick scanning in the classroom, and filled with interactive exercises.

Course Content:

Workplace culture

Topic A: Basics of culture

Topic B: Cultural differences

Differences in communication

Topic A: Verbal communication

Topic B: Nonverbal and written communication

Communicating across cultures

Topic A: Building relationships

Topic B: Listening and responding

Overcoming communication barriers

Topic A: Cross-cultural communication barriers

Topic B: Avoiding barriers

Topic C: Interpreters

Cross-cultural business situations

Topic A: Cross-cultural meetings

Topic B: Negotiating and problem solving

Addressing cross-cultural issues

Topic A: Communicating with co-workers

Topic B: Writing cross-culturally


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