Cultural Diversity & Ethics

Cultural Diversity & Ethics

Executive & Leadership Training

Cultural Diversity & Ethics

Course Number: WCCF-EL 0003

Duration: 2 Days

Price: $795.00

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Day 1: Diversity


This course covers diversity in the workplace for employees, supervisors, team leaders and managers. Students will learn what diversity is and how it influences their relationships with others, and how to differentiate between-and overcome-stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Students learn how communication skills help in managing a diverse workforce and how diversity influences relationships between co-workers. This instructor's edition is designed for quick scanning in the classroom, and filled with interactive exercises.

Course Content:

Fundamentals of diversity

Topic A: Overview of diversity

Topic B: Advantages of diversity

Identifying differences

Topic A: Cultural differences

Topic B: Personality styles

Overcoming barriers to diversity

Topic A: Barriers to diversity

Communicating in a diverse workforce

Topic A: Effective communication

Managing Diversity

Topic A: Manage diversity in a workforce

Day 2: Ethics


Manage with Authority and Fairness

Good and bad. Right and wrong. They’re not always easy to discern. And it is a manager’s job to support both the wellbeing of the employees and the company. This is essential to maintaining a successful and productive work environment. Whether you are facing issues about relationships, discipline, safety or performance, learn how to identify and assess ethical dilemmas and formulate the best strategies for addressing them.

Course Content:

Understanding the Problem and the Need

Topic A: Definitions of Ethics

Topic B: Identifying Your Ethical Concerns

Forces That Shape Ethical Behavior

Topic A: When and Where Do We Develop Ethical Values?

Topic B: Ethics and Your Job

Topic C: Factors That Modify Ethical Values

Ethical Considerations in Transactions with Employees

Topic A: Identifying Ethical Concerns in Employee Transactions

Topic B: Ethical Implications in Choosing Between People

Topic C: Ethics and Performance Appraisal

Topic D: Ethics and Communication with Employees

Topic E: Ethical Approaches to Maintaining Discipline

Topic F: Administering Reward Systems

Ethical Considerations in Transactions with Your Boss

Topic A: Sources of Ethical Concerns in Transactions with the Boss

Topic B: Following Orders and Directives from Above

Topic C: Supporting and Communicating

Ethical Considerations in Transactions with Your Peers

Topic A: Ethical Issues in Peer Transactions

Topic B: Supporting and Communicating with Peers

Topic C: Collaboration-A Beneficial and Ethical Tool

Topic D: Constructive Problem Solving

Solving Ethical Problems

Topic A: An Organized Approach

Topic B: Solving Ethical Problems: The 10-Step Method

Review and Suggestions for the Future

Topic A: Five Rules for Ethical Behavior

Topic B: Design a Life Plan for the Future

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