Developing Business Proposals and Reports

Developing Business Proposals and Reports

Professional & Technical Writing

Developing Business Proposals and Reports

Course Number: WCCF-PTW 3002

Duration: One day

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Writing effective reports and proposals takes more than fundamental writing skills. This self-paced book teaches readers how to organize, research, develop, and edit complex documents as well as sharpen one's overall business writing skills.

Course Core Competencies:

Strategies for Writing Proposals and Reports

Topic A: Writing Self-Assessment

Topic B: Reviewing the Basics

Topic C: Punctuation Pointers

Topic D: Common Faults

Topic E: Other Suggestions to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Topic F: Preparing to Write

Topic G: Organizing for Maximum Impact

Topic H: The Persuasive Report

Topic I: Feasibility Study

Topic J: Choosing an Appropriate Tone

Topic K: Using a Consistent Style

Topic L: Editing to Enhance Your Writing

Writing Successful Reports

Topic A: Developing Your Ideas

Topic B: Sample Report

Topic C: Sample Feasibility Study

Topic D: Sample Report Using the Motivated Sequence Outline

Topic E: Editing Your Written Reports

Topic F: Completing Your Reports

Writing Winning Proposals

Topic A: Developing Your Ideas

Topic B: Editing Your Written Proposals

Topic C: Completing Your Proposals

Topic D: Sample Proposal

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