Grant Writing: Intermediate & Advance Writers

Grant Writing: Intermediate & Advance Writers

Professional & Technical Writing

Grant Writing: Intermediate & Advance Writers

Course Number: WCCF-PTW 3006

Duration: One day

Price: $399.00

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This training course will assist experienced grant and technical writers who would like more advanced writing skills preparing foundation common grant applications, and federal government proposals.  This course will focus on the following topics:

  • How to develop a compelling statement of need;

  • How to design evidence-based programs and create a logic model;

  • How to design an effective project evaluation and budget plan; and

  • How to improve your organizational and project staffing capabilities statements.

Course Core Competencies:

Statement of Need

Topic A: Understand the component of an executive summary

Topic B: What foundations look for in a need statement

Topic C: How to recognize and describe a community need

Topic D: Common errors grant writers make when describing needs

Topic E: What to do if the need is hard to document

Topic F: Simple tips on how to make any need statement stronger

Program Design

Topic A: Learn how to create impactful goals and objectives.

Topic B: Learn how to develop clear, concise goals and objectives.

Topic C: Increase participants’ ability to create logic models of their programs.

Topic D: Increase participants understanding of using logic models for program development and evaluation.

Organizational Capability and Project Staffing

Topic A: To understand basic project management and planning

Topic B: To understand how to effectively complete a Management

Topic C: Capability Statement

Topic D: To understand how to complete a Statement of Organizational

Evaluation and Evidence

Topic A: Improving baseline information about your programs and organization

Topic B: Knowing if your services are aligned with your funder’s goals

Topic C: Building a case for better support, offering data that demonstrates the value of your programs capacity


Topic A: Understanding the components of a program/project budget

Topic B: Understanding how to calculate indirect and fringe rates

Topic C: Understanding the basics of a organizational budget

Topic D: Understanding the financial documents required from funders

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*This is an adaptation of the Office of Partnerships and Grant Services Intermediate Level Grant Proposal Writing Series.


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