Grant Writing for Beginners

Grant Writing for Beginners

Professional & Technical Writing

Grant Writing for Beginners

Course Number: WCCF-PTW 3005

Duration: One day

Price: $399.00

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This course focuses on find grant opportunities in the public or private sector; with a focus on the following elements:

  • Creating strong statements of need tailored for your prospects;

  • Navigating federal regulations;

  • Applying for grants online

Course Core Competencies:

Getting Started with Grant Writing

Topic A: Grant-Writing Basics

Topic B: Preparing for the World of Grant Seeking

Topic C: Understanding What It Takes to Get Funded

Digging Up Grant-Funding Opportunities

Topic A: Wading into Public-Sector Grants

Topic B: Navigating the Gateway

Topic C: Researching Potential Private-Sector Funders

Topic D: Finding What’s Available for Individuals and Businesses

Topic E: Identifying Funds for Nongovernmental Organizations

Maximizing Your Chances of Winning a Grant Award

Topic A: Finding Federal Grant Opportunities That Fit Your Needs

Topic B: Winning with Peer Reviews

Topic C: Resuscitating Your Writing

Following the Funder’s Guidelines

Topic A: Preparing Preliminary Documents

Topic B: Developing the Organizational Capability Boilerplate Narrative

Topic C: Validating Your Needs with a Compelling Narrative

Topic D: Using Best Practices to Build the Program Design Narrative

Topic E: Crafting Your Proposed Project Management Team Narrative

Topic F: Creating a Budget That Includes All the Funding You Need

Triple-Checking Your Application, Submitting, and Following Up

Topic A: Checking Off the Mandatory Requirements

Topic B: Knowing What to Do after Submitting Your Application

Topic C: Winning or Losing: What’s Next?

Topic D: Requesting Matching Funds and Other Goodies from Corporate Grant Makers

The Part of Tens

Topic A: Ten e-Grant Tips

Topic B: Ten Steps to Becoming a Grant-Writing Consultant

Topic C: Ten Ways to Continue Building Your Grant-Writing Skills

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