Management Development Training

Management Development Training

Executive & Leadership Training

Management Development Training

Course Number: WCCF-EL 0008

Duration: One day

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The business world is increasingly becoming centered on the interaction of different teams, both within and outside the organization. The success of a team within a company is often directly linked to the ability of a manager to lead and manage the team effectively. To perform the job well, the manager must understand the different roles of everyone involved on the team, and be trained in developing the capabilities of all team members and addressing issues as soon as they surface. In this course you will gain an understanding of the basic fundamentals of becoming an effective manager for your team.

Before a law student is able to begin practicing law, the student must endure years of intense studying and be familiar with many different legal precedents in order to understand how the law works. A surgeon must attend medical school for several years and have an extensive knowledge of the human body before they can begin operating on patients. Similarly, a manager must have a thorough understanding of team dynamics and the principles that make the difference between success and failure before they can effectively manage a group of people. By examining effective methods of communication, problem solving, delegation, and motivation, you can prepare yourself to be an effective manager. In this course, you will explore the fundamental concepts of effective management.

You will:

  • Determine the roles that a manager must fill on a team, and explore the key areas of personal development.

  • Discover how to detect silent messages through body language and other means of nonverbal communication. You will also boost your listening skills through active listening.

  • Discover the stages of team development and how to motivate your team. Also, you’ll examine the need for regular team meetings and how to resolve conflict.

  • Empower your workgroup through delegation and coaching, and optimize staff performance.

  • Discover ways of identifying problems and determining their root cause. You’ll also explore techniques to identify and implement solutions effectively.

Course Core Competencies:

Developing as a Manager

Topic A: Identify Effective Manager Roles

Topic B: Develop Personal Skills

Communicating Successfully

Topic A: Communicate Without Talking

Topic B: Manage Better by Listening

Topic C: Assert to Achieve

Cultivating Great Teams

Topic A: Create an Invincible Team

Topic B: Inspire Team Success

Topic C: Run Team Meetings

Topic D: Resolve Conflicts Positively

Empowering Your Workgroup

Topic A: Delegate for Results

Topic B: Coach for Achievement

Topic C: Optimize Staff Performance

Creating Successful Solutions to Problems

Topic A: Identify and Define the Problem

Topic B: Determine the Root Cause

Topic C: Identify a Solution

Topic D: Implement Solutions Decisively

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