Reducing Stress

Reducing Stress


Reducing Stress

Course Number: WCCF-O 2012

Duration: One day

Price: $399.00

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We are more conscious of our health today than ever before. We are living longer and better because we are eating healthier and exercising more regularly. But what about stress? Stress is a normal part of everyday life, and our picture of our overall health would not be complete without some consideration of how stress affects our emotional (and physical) health. This course focuses its attention on stress management, specifically how to find a level of stress that is not only manageable, but useful for you, and how to avoid stress beyond that level. You will also learn the basics of good emotional health, how to improve your self-image and become more self-aware, and how your emotional health ties in to your physical health.

Course Core Competencies:

Understanding Stress

Topic A: The Effects of Stress on Emotional Health

Topic B: Recognizing Stress

Topic C: Testing Your Stress Level

Topic D: Identifying Behavior Patterns

Topic E: The Three Stages of Stress

Topic F: Identifying the Symptoms of Stress

Topic G: The Effect of Stress on the Physical Self

Topic H: Keeping the Adrenaline in Check

Topic I: Examining Workplace Stress

Topic J: Understanding Occupational Burnout

Topic K: Finding the Right Amount of Stress

Taking Responsibility for Your Own Stress

Topic A: Identifying the Stress in Your Life

Topic B: Coping with Stress

Topic C: Alleviating Stress at Work

Topic D: Expressing Your Feelings

Topic E: Using Stress Releases and Safety Valves

Reducing Stress through Biofeedback, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Topic A: Understanding Biofeedback

Topic B: Developing Mindfulness

Topic C: Practicing Meditation

Improving Relationships with Self and Others

Topic A: Accepting Yourself as a Unique Individual

Topic B: Sorting Realistic from Unrealistic Expectations

Topic C: Assessing Your Strengths

Topic D: Acknowledging Universal Human Needs

Topic E: Building Better Relationships

Topic F: Recognizing Negative Relationship Patterns

Enhancing Your Emotional Health

Topic A: Understanding Emotional Maturity

Topic B: Expressing Emotions Appropriately

Topic C: Exploring Your Own Emotional Fitness

Topic D: Building Self-Confidence

Topic E: Solving Problems Openly

Topic F: Ten Tips for Maintaining Emotional Fitness

Topic G: Setting Personal Goals

Topic H: Reviewing Your Personal Goals

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