Support/ Customer Service Training

Support/ Customer Service Training


Support/ Customer Service Training

Course Number: WCCF-O 2013

Duration: One day

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As a customer service representative, you are expected to handle customer interactions in the best way possible. The expectations of both your company and your customers hinge on your ability to provide the right service in the right way. In this course, you will explore the background and techniques of customer interactions.

Providing quality customer care ensures that every single contact with your company is a positive experience. Customers can range from external consumers to internal employees in other departments. Knowing how to provide the same level of service to all customers will enrich your time spent at work by establishing positive business relationships. Recognizing crucial points throughout customer interactions increases your ability to solve problems and offer affirmative solutions. Applying this knowledge to trends in service and consumer desires allows you to contribute to the company’s bottom line and make a customer’s life a little easier. This course is intended for customer service professionals with any level of experience who want to expand their knowledge, improve their skill set, and increase the understanding of customer benefits.

In this course, you will explore the background and techniques of customer interactions.

You will:

  • Describe the benefits of customer service, identify internal customers, identify the benefits to you of giving good customer service, and identify how you can help your company to excel.

  • Identify the major trends in customer service today and the combination of criteria required for customer satisfaction.

  • Identify the benefits of bringing respect, emotional support, and a personal touch to customer interactions, and apply the personal touch to customer interactions.

  • Identify the six categories of face-to-face communication, the critical success factors in face-to-face communication, and the benefits of actively listening to your customers.

  • Identify remote customer service communication channels and apply remote customer service best practices.

  • Identify guidelines for handling unreasonable customers, explore ways to handle angry customers, and identify guidelines for handling unhelpful colleagues.

  • Take action to increase the loyalty of the customers you serve. You will also identify guidelines for dealing with moments of truth, identify the benefits of customer complaints, identify the steps in the service recovery process, and analyze the moments of truth in a real-life situation.

Course Core Competencies:

Understanding Customer Service

Topic A: Describe Customer Service Benefits

Topic B: Recognize the Importance of Internal Customer Service

Topic C: Identify How Customer Service Benefits You

Topic D: Excel with Customer Service

Identifying How Customers Define the Success of Your Company

Topic A: Recognize Trends in Customer Service

Topic B: Identify Criteria for Customer Satisfaction

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Topic A: Identify Characteristics of the Personal Touch

Topic B: Create Lasting Positive Impressions on Your Customers

Providing Face-to-Face Customer Service

Topic A: Identify Categories of Face-to-Face Contact

Topic B: Understand the Critical Success Factors in Face-to-Face Customer Service

Topic C: Identify the Characteristics of Active Listening

Providing Remote Customer Service

Topic A: Identify Remote Customer Service Communication Channels

Topic B: Apply Remote Customer Service Best Practices

Engaging Difficult Customers

Topic A: Serve Difficult Customers

Topic B: Manage Angry Customers

Topic C: Deal with Difficult or Unhelpful Colleagues

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Topic A: Optimize Moments of Truth

Topic B: Recognize the Value of Customer Complaints

Topic C: Identify the Stages of the Service Recovery Process

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