Organizational Development

  • At Write Choice Consulting Firm aims to help transform our clients with their various organizational needs that aid them to prepare for growth, embrace executive or structural transitions and maximize operational efficiency. We are able to assist due to the extensive professional backgrounds of our consultants and their superb success rates.
  • We offer Consultants with senior management backgrounds and proven success rates. Our Consultants are diverse having come from various careers and training with proven track records. Some examples of the leaders that we work with are from areas of interest such as Education, Cultural Arts, Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Government, Funding Development, Grant Development, Hospitality and Tourism and Non-Profit(s).
  • Write Choice Consulting Firm strives to work with organizations to achieve their transformation and transitional goals, identify and organize their tools for success, and design an operational model to effectively implement the chosen strategy.

Funding & Grant Development

  • Write Choice Consulting Firm offers funding & grant development services to organizations interested in applying for private  & public foundations, federal grant opportunities, and local government funding assistance.
  • We support all phases of grant development; such as, grant research, grant writing, grant evaluation, grant training, and strategic planning.
  • We connect your organization to potential donors with a multitude of interest areas.
  • Let us assist you with any of the following for your Funding & Grant Development needs:
  • Develop Funding Strategies
  • Attract Larger Gifts To Your Organization
  • Identify Potential Funders
  • Creating a realistic Fund Development Plan
  • Act as a major source for future fundraising
  • Pursue Funding Sources
  • Grant Research
  • Grant Program Design
  • Grant Writing
  • Grant Management
  • Grant Audit Preparation
  • Training Services
  • Strategic Planning

Contract Negotiation

  • Write Choice Consulting Firm can serve as your contract development and negotiation consultant. We focus on analyzing competitive bids; and assist with the writing of proposals or rewrites of existing proposals.
  • We have professional negotiators to assist in structuring your proposal or offer. We can help your business brainstorm ideas, or create and write an effective contract. If needed we can also, be used to specifically negotiate terms of the offer. Whether you need us to negotiate or offer support while going through negotiations. Let Write Choice Consulting Firm help you with your contractual needs.

Executive & Professional Training

Write Choice Consulting Firm help individuals, teams, and organizations transition to a place of greater business potential and performance. We assist with developing clear action plans for organizational challenges & priorities. Grounded in sustainability systems thinking; your organization and working professionals will benefit from our real-world, interactive approach to business learning that’s designed to have an immediate impact and maximize your return on investment. Learn More…


Write Choice Consulting Firm helps businesses align marketing and brand strategy with overarching business objectives; while ensuring that marketing investments are generating highest returns and reinforcing the brand positioning. We work to increase the return on services or products offered; by conducting an in-depth analysis of the market through various mediums and plan for strategies. Write Choice Consulting Firm LLC focuses on the following areas to ensure your organizational success:

  • Enhancement of Social Media marketing
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Research and Analyzation of the market for your business focus
  • Assistance in the evaluation and development of marketing services and tools based on the type of the service or product your organization offers.
  • Look for competition in the market and plan strategies to overcome or survive market risks and threats.
  • Plans strategies to survive the unexpected ups and downs in the market and competition.
  • Write press releases and plan promotional events for the new products or service launching.

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Due to the ongoing situation created by COVID-19 (also known as the Coronavirus) Write Choice Consulting Firm's physical office will be closed to the public until further notice, but our team will be working onsite & remotely. We will be available during regular hours via email and phone and will be using video-conferencing capabilities when appropriate. We believe that safety is important for our team and the communities we serve, we have implemented a necessary safety plan that will hopefully keep everyone protected with their future engagements with Write Choice Consulting Firm. You can contact our team via email or phone through our contact page. We pray that you and your loved ones stay safe during this time and we look forward to helping you recover and sustain your business.

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