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At Write Choice Consulting Firm we strive to work with organizations to achieve their transformation and transitional goals, identify and organize their tools for success, and design an operational model to effectively implement the chosen strategy.


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A World of Change and Possibility

We are living in unfamiliar and uncertain times. Life and business as we know it is dramatically different than it was prior to March 2020, when we acknowledged the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic here in the United States.

Most of us were caught off-guard. If you were not completely blindsided, you were surprised by what happened in the weeks and months that followed. Quickly, we all began to wish, “When will things get back to normal”?

And now we know the truth—there will not be a return to “normal”. Everything has changed. Living with change is our “new normal”. The real question is, “How are we preparing ourselves, our families and our businesses to thrive in a constant state of uncertainty?” The silver lining here is that this is happening to all of us. We are being forced to create new rules as we go and to accept the impermanence of them all. Nothing is fixed. We are learning that everything must be fluid. To grow, we must adapt our systems, structures, and processes so that they are flexible. We must adjust inputs and outputs daily. We must embrace the practice of evolving new solutions in real time. This takes willingness to operate differently, to respond differently and to lead differently. We must let go of what has been and create new, constantly. This will take courage. This will require attention to personal and professional growth. For 2021 let’s make a choice to begin every day by asking simply, “What else is possible?” Let’s make the choice to create a world we want to live in together. -Nanette Saylor

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